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But Not exactly. It should be "But, then coffee". You can't have your coffee if the farmers can't survive or abandon their crops for other sources of income. Hard truth. 

We want to be the best part of your day and provide you with more than just great kryptonite. We also want to appreciate and make the lives of impoverished coffee farmers more sustainable.

This is why our slogan is 'Coffee with a Purpose.' We love roasting great coffee, community, helping others, expanding transparency about the challenges in the industry, and fair trade, including the fantastic communities we source our coffee. 

"Boon' is defined as a blessing, aide, benefit, economic improvement, godsend, or good.

With each 12 oz coffee bag purchase, we will donate 10% to our nonprofit, "The Boon Project - Agriculture with a Purpose." 

Check out our "About Us" Page to learn more about how you are "being the boon and creating the boon" with your purchase! Also, please join our mailing list, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for giveaways, sales, and contests!

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