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Be the boon. Create the boon.

Boon: benefit, blessing, aid, good, godsend & economic improvement

Life is more than just about ourselves. It is about loving others, helping out in the community, experiencing the world, and learning from others. It's about doing good and creating good from all situations. It's about being called to serve a purpose greater than ourselves. We aim to roast and provide excellent coffee to be the "best part of your day" but more importantly, YOU choosing us as your coffee roaster means that you are choosing to help improve the quality of life for many impoverished coffee farming communities around the world. 

A Vision Evolves

Boon Coffee Roasters (BCR) - Coffee with a Purpose was founded by Tosha Wallace after her first mission trip to Uganda with a nonprofit organization building a school for over 600 children with more than half of them being orphans.

After learning more about the issues coffee farmers face, the poverty, gender inequality, youth abandoning agriculture, exploitation (unfair trade), lack of proper agriculture practices knowledge, no tools to farm with or quality inputs, nor understanding pest and disease mitigation, it appeared that the farmers in the villages she was already working in...were forgotten.  

Tosha continued to visit Uganda each year since 2017, continued to work in her trade (Risk Consulting (20 years)) and continued to learn more about coffee farming, farmers challenges, poverty issues and even took up coffee roasting after falling in love with her first cup of real coffee in Uganda. Her vision evolved after feeling called to use her transferable knowledge in risk management consulting and starting a nonprofit focused on building sustainable agriculture programs that "ensure" farmers and their communities can be more sustainable.

To-date, BCR and their nonprofit, The Boon Project (TBP) - Agriculture with a Purpose, has trained over 700 farmers across 10 villages in Eastern Uganda and has recently expanded their scope of work to include an additional 19 villages where training, tool distribution and risk/oversight programs are taking place. She is helping farmers focus on quality, sustainability, diversifying (adding cacao, mushroom, hemp grain and fibers, and more) their agriculture and adding new assets to increase household income. BCR and TBP is also laser focused on closing the gender gap and started a women's empowerment program.  TBP also has developed programs for the youth that will re-engage them bringing them back to agriculture with new opportunities that will help the youth learn new trade skills, creating new businesses and more job opportunities.

So what about Boon Coffee Roasters?

After falling in love with the communities she works in and starting the nonprofit, she felt called to really educate coffee consumers of the issues faced in coffee producing countries. Tosha began taking roasting classes through Mill City Roasters in Minneapolis, MN, continued to attend cupping classes and also furthered her roasting experience through additional training at Roaster Share in Denver, Colorado, where she has lived the past 7 years. In December 2021, Boon Coffee Roasters - Coffee Roasters was established to create awareness about the challenges farmers face and contributes sales of each bag sold to support the nonprofit work that continues to grow today.

BCR is direct-to-consumer (DTC) coffee roastery selling freshly roasted specialty coffee sourced from suppliers that support similar efforts to improve coffee farmers lives. BRC is located in Denver, Colorado selling coffee to consumers, selling through boutiques and retail shops in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Please let us know if you would like to partner and carry our coffee in your shop or store that tells a story of how each purchase supports poverty alleviation and improves the lives of producers. 

But first…farmers, then coffee

Wait, isn't the saying, "But first, coffee"? Yep, but guess what?! Many farmers are dying from starvation or leaving coffee farming b/c they are not getting a living wage. Communities in Uganda get paid .07 cents USD per pound. This is not just in Uganda, though.

So, technically, we (you and I) will not have coffee if 'we consumers' keep up with allowing farmers to be exploited by paying for cheap coffee or shopping for coffee at businesses that are proactively supporting ensuring fair-trade is really being practiced. This will happen by purchasing coffee from shops that work with suppliers with programs that invest in the farming communities or are directly trading with the farmers.

From seed to cup, the farmers who have been and are still being exploited, the lack of quality resources, lack of transportation for harvests, supply chain challenges, and what it means to purchase a cheap cup of coffee. Yes, we will cover the C-market and more about the actual price of coffee.

Many of the stories we will share sometimes take a lot to wrap our minds around. For example, most of the hands and feet that bring you this cup of boon are the ones that have never even had coffee nor even knew that what they grew was consumed by millions of people around the world. Seriously. So, to make a more significant impact, we will be working on creating local consumption to drive more economic impact with business and job creation. That's really what is needed.

Spread the word!

Be the boon (good, blessing) and create the boon (economic improvement)  by sharing BCR and TBP with your friends and family. Coffee makes a great birthday, Christmas, wedding, office party, and many kinds of other gifts to those who need that good old "hug-in-a-mug." You are getting to not only giving to your friends and family when you purchase our coffee products but also giving to some of the most impoverished communities around the world. Check back frequently as we will be adding more coffee origins to buy and merchandise too! 

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TBP - @boonagricultureboonagriculture.org

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